Welcome to TELEFILM, INC.

TELEFILM, INC. is a television and motion picture production company created by Randy Rogers in Los Angeles, California.  Randy had worked in the news business as a photojournalist since 1970, spending over 20 years in a career that reached a pinnacle with NBC News in the 80’s.  Randy established TELEFILM in 1991 and spent the next two decades working in Hollywood.  In 2013 he relocated to Bend, Oregon to begin exploring new horizons related to the entertainment industry.

With so many advances of technology in production and post production equipment you no longer have to live in Hollywood to have access to the tools of the trade.  Movies are even being shot on cell phones with a quality that surpasses the extremely expensive video cameras of a decade ago.  Digital high definition editing is now available to anyone with a computer.  Stabilized aerial imaging is inexpensive and simple thanks to camera mounted drones.

Nearly every aspect of the production world is changing rapidly and you have to change with it.  What will never change is the years of experience needed to master the skills of camera, lighting, sound and editing.  Randy Rogers and TELEFILM, INC. has the knowledge gained from over 45 years of working in the production business.

If your goal is to have a  first class production created with the finest quality images, TELEFILM is the company you want to complete your project.

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