Randy Rogers Bio

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Randy Rogers is president of TELEFILM, INC., a production company that handled the promotion of Hollywood blockbusters like The Matrix, Harry Potter, Pearl Harbor, Batman, Superman, Shrek and Indiana Jones. A career spanning over four decades in newspapers, television and motion pictures—working for and with such companies as NBC News, Disney, Warner Bros., Paramount, Universal Pictures, MGM, Lionsgate, Sony and DreamWorks—has earned him several Emmy nominations and numerous press club awards.

Growing up in Johnstown, a western Pennsylvania steel town, Randy began his lifelong path as a photographer when he asked for his first camera from a Green Stamps catalog on his 10th birthday. His first job, that of a part-time usher at the State Theatre in 1969, subtly foretold where that path would be heading, for from that day forward, his real career would be in the news and motion picture businesses.

Starting with a newspaper internship at Johnstown’s Tribune-Democrat during the summer of 1970, Randy progressed to television news cinematographer with WJAC-TV the day after his high school graduation in 1971. Two years later, he headed west, spending thirteen years in Phoenix, Arizona. From a beginning with KPHO-TV there, he moved over to KPNX-TV, the local NBC affiliate, picking up the Emmy nominations and press club awards along the way. Randy’s career was a fast-moving escalator whisking him to the top of his field.

On the morning of April 23, 1986, he read this horoscope to his wife: What seemed a “no exit” proposition will be brighter. You will have more love and money as result. Get ready for new start. Display pioneering spirit. “Maybe the network is going to call me today,” he jokingly prophesied to her and then left for the office. An hour later, as he walked into the newsroom, the receptionist handed him a phone message: NBC News was calling to offer him a job!

Now as part of an elite group of photographers, Randy traveled around the country for NBC News covering all the major events of the day. From the Voyager’s non-stop flight around the globe to climbing Mount Whitney with 90-year-old Hulda Crooks, he recorded it all firsthand. His career as a television news cameraman gave him an unparalleled view of the world, and along the way he got to meet and photograph people in every walk of life. From physicist Stephen Hawking to a dredge boat captain on an Arizona canal…every one of them had a fascinating story to tell.   Photojournalism gave Randy an education unlike any other.

By the time the 90’s rolled around, tabloid news was creeping into mainstream journalism, and it was time for change. Hollywood was calling and RANDY ROGERS PRODUCTIONS was formed to provide his camera services on commercials, music videos, documentaries, comedy shows and serial television. In 1991, Randy incorporated under the name TELEFILM and started focusing more on the making of the movies for all the major studios.   Batman Forever, League of Their Own, Demolition Man, Disclosure and The Fugitive are just a few of the dozens of motion pictures he recorded from behind the scenes.

In 1993, TELEFILM began producing press junkets for the motion picture industry.   Their clients have included Disney, Warner Bros., Paramount, Universal, Sony, DreamWorks, MGM and Lionsgate. TELEFILM has done the promotions on over 500 movies, and was part of the biggest marketing campaigns in Hollywood.

In 2013 Randy re-located to Bend, Oregon bordering the beautiful Cascade Mountains.