TV Shows/Opens

Director of Photography – Randy Rogers

“An Evening at the Pops” PBS / WGBH – TV  

“Baby’s Day Out” FOX/Pattyson Meadows 

“Batman Forever” ABC/Pattyson Meadows

“Columbus, The World’s First Astronaut” TBS/Paramount/Pattyson Meadows

“Code 3” FOX/Barbour Langley Productions

“FOX Summer Games” FOX/Pattyson Meadows 

“Hollywood Unscripted” American Movie Classics

“Real Life With Jane Pauley” NBC

“Robin Hood, The Man, The Myth & The Legend” CBS/Pattyson Meadows 

“Stallone on the Edge” Showtime/Tri-Star/Pattyson Meadows

“Tim Conway’s Funny America” ABC/Paramount/LMNO Productions

“Tribes” FOX Television Network